Welcome I Guess?

Late night streaming I did yesterday when I was somewhat having an art block. For now on, I tend to do streams with my friend tarnudo, whom I skype frequently. I can’t be streaming and talking by myself. I like to have a single or group skype call with friends or anyone who wants to join in. But anyways, here’s a good chunk of doodles and few request I did. Also, I kinda accidentally spoiled atroxchobatsu last night with his OCs, Sarah N. Dippity and Iggy Sunnyside. Mostly Sarah though haha. Why do I enjoy drawing other peep’s OCs more than mine?

All of the OCs belong to their respectful owner:
atroxchobatsu, eeyorbartwork, rogerdog, and tarnudo

Thank you for coming to my stream~

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    Aaaaaa~! These are all great. I love how your poses are so clear and have a ton of personality. And you did them so fast...
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    Oh man those are awesome. XD